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Congratulations IB Class of 2020!

We are so proud of YOU!

Nease International Baccalaureate Program

2021-2022 Applications

Virtual Nease Academy Open House with LIVE options:  Thursday, January 28th 2021, 6:00-7:00.  Click Here to Join!

IB presentation will start at 6:30, with an opportunity to ask questions at the end. Click Here to Join!

Still Have Questions?  Join current students, parents and alumni for a Virtual IB Student & Parent Panel through Zoom, on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 from 6:00-7:00. Click Here to Join!

All paperwork must be submitted on or before February 5th, 2021 to be considered for application.

Dates, Deadlines and Steps to Apply 2021

Teacher Recommendation Form (Hard copy to provide to teacher)
Digital Access Link for Teachers (St. Johns County School District Students Only)-QR Code Below
(Must obtain 4 recommendations from current Math, Science, History and English teachers)

St. Johns County Registration Timeline for Programs of Choice

St. Johns County Advanced High School Programs Information

A parent meeting was held on January 6, 2020 (6:00-7:00) regarding 2020-2021 course scheduling and how it relates to the the IB Diploma.  The link below is the presentation given that evening.

2020-2021 IB Parent Scheduling Meeting

Use the links below to help plan courses for your four years at Nease.  Please submit your planning worksheet to Mrs. Kennedy at your registration appointment.

Nease High School Planning Worksheet for IB Students

2021-2022 Course Progression

What is TOK (Theory of Knowledge)?

Nease IB Policies and Procedures

Internal/External Assessment Calendar 20-21
CAS Handbook
Nease Academic Integrity Policy & IB Honor Code
Language Policy
Assessment Policy
Special Educational Needs/Inclusive Education Policy
Admissions Policy

IB Subject Briefs

Please sign up in Naviance for College Visits!

Scholarship Opportunities


All Nease students (IB specific information can be found under Class of 2020 statistics) continue to perform above average on college admission tests. The graduating class of 2019 average score on the SAT was 1200 (EBRW 600, M 600). Their average composite score on the ACT was 24. Nease students have also earned recognition on their junior PSAT from the National Merit Scholarship Program:

National Merit Semifinalists: 8, (2020); 12, (2019); 8, (2018); 5, (2017)

National Merit Commended: 15, (2020); 8,(2019); 13,(2018); 14, (2017)

National Hispanic Recognition: 4, (2020); 1, (2018); 2 (2016); 2 (2015)


Nease’s graduates have been accepted to, are attending, and have graduated from many colleges and universities including:

American UniversityGeorge Washington Univ.UNC Chapel Hill
Auburn UniversityGeorgetown UniversityU.S. Military Academy
Boston CollegeGeorgia TechU.S. Naval Academy
Boston UniversityHarvard UniversityUniversity of Alabama
Brigham Young Univ.Jacksonville UniversityUniv. of Calif.- Berkeley
Brown UniversityJohns Hopkins Univ.Univ. of Central Florida
Carnegie Mellon Univ.MITUniversity of Chicago
The CitadelMcGill UniversityUniversity of Florida
Clemson UniversityMercer UniversityUniversity of Georgia
Colgate UniversityNew College of FloridaUniversity of Miami
College of CharlestonNew York UniversityUniversity of Michigan
Coll. of William & MaryN. Carolina State Univ.Univ. of North Florida
Cornell UniversityNortheastern UniversityUniv. of Notre Dame
Dartmouth CollegeNorthwestern UniversityUniv. of Pennsylvania
Davidson CollegeNova Southeastern Univ.Univ. of Pittsburgh
Drexel UniversityOhio State UniversityUniv. of Richmond
Duke UniversityPennsylvania State Univ.Univ. of So. Carolina
Elon UniversityPrinceton UniversityUniv. of South Florida
Embry-RiddlePurdue UniversityUniv. of So. California
Emory UniversityRollins CollegeUniversity of Tampa
Flagler CollegeSanta Fe CollegeUniversity of Texas
Florida A&M UniversitySCADUniversity of Virginia
Florida Atlantic Univ.SewaneeUniversity of W. Florida
Florida Gulf Coast Univ.Southeastern UniversityValencia College
Florida Institute of Tech.St. Johns River St. Coll.Vanderbilt University
Florida Int’l Univ.Stanford UniversityVirginia Tech
Florida Southern CollegeStetson UniversityWake Forest University
Florida State Coll. at JaxTallahassee Comm. Coll.Washington & Lee Univ.
Florida State UniversityTufts UniversityWashington Univ. in SL
Furman UniversityTulane University

Yale University


Princeton University’s Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye stated:

“If the student has the opportunity to do the IB diploma, we really value the diploma,” Rapelye advised.

“…the most important thing is your high school transcript. Every college and university is going to evaluate first your transcript.”

What are Colleges Saying about IB?

College admission officers consistently state that they are looking for students who have completed rigorous

coursework and have been successful in their high school studies. There are many ways a student can work towards such recognition; however, Universities overwhelmingly acknowledge that completing the full IB Diploma Program qualifies as a highly rigorous educational program. We work with our students to make sure that as they apply to a University they are highlighting the benefits of the IB Program that make them such an attractive applicant.

Depending on student performance on IB exams, students have the opportunity to earn college credit for their IB grades. Each University individually decides what score requirements and correlating class credits they offer to IB students. However, the benefits of the IB Program curriculum far surpass
 any potential credit that a University may award. It is the developed analytical and critical thinking skills along with the gained experience of learning how we learn that separates IB students from their non-IB peers. While there will be

 students that choose to take advanced classes, such as AP courses, only the IB Diploma Program offers a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to cohesively work to provide a well-rounded college preparatory program. You can view the research, comments from Universities, and links below. It has been well documented how participation in an IB program helps set apart those IB students from their non-IB peers.                                                                                                                                

Research on the IB Program:

Nease offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, which is chartered by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) in Geneva, Switzerland.  IB is a very rigorous, two-year program of curriculum and service that meets the needs of highly motivated secondary students during their last two years of high school, by providing a comprehensive and integrated approach to learning.  In addition, students take intensified courses in Grades 9 and 10 in English, foreign language, social studies, science, and mathematics, called Nease Pre-IB, in preparation for the rigorous college-level curriculum of the Grades 11-12 IB Diploma Program.

The primary objective of the IB Program is to provide a world-class education that prepares students with the intellectual, social, and critical perspectives necessary for college and the rest of their lives. The IB curriculum emphasizes and promotes a persistent curiosity, critical analysis and creative synthesis in a broad range of subject areas.  Students earn a full IB Diploma by passing internationally set and graded exams along with internal assessments in six subjects, and in addition, completing an original research requirement (Extended Essay), completing the Theory of Knowledge course, and fulfilling the creativity, activity and service component (CAS).  For more detailed information on IB see:

Facts About Nease IB

Est. in 1996

  • First graduating class was in 1998.
  • Admission is competitive, drawing from the entire country.
  • 110 students graduated in 2020, making a total of 1,504 Nease IB graduates in 23 years.
  • Currently, 421 students are enrolled in the program: 68 Seniors, 88 Juniors, 123 Sophomores, & 142 Freshman.
  • All 156 Seniors and Juniors are full diploma candidates.
  • 49% of parents & 57% of grandparents are orginally from foreign countries.
  • Number of IB Students (graduated seniors): 110
  • Average SAT Score: 1400 (RW 700, M 700)
  • Average ACT Score: 31 (Composite)
  • Average GPA: 4.341 weighted
  • IB Tests Passed: 87%
  • IB Diplomas Earned: 96%
  • AP Tests Passed during HS: 88%
  • Accepted to over 108 Colleges and Universities
  • Attending 32 Different Colleges and Universities
  • Offered over $2.8 Million in College Scholarships

In 2020, Nease Diploma students (11th & 12th) achieved a 87% pass rate on IB exams with 174 students taking 678 exams in 23 subject areas.  On the IB exams, they averaged a 4.91 score on a 7-point scale.  Combined results from the last 5 years are shown below.

Test Subject Tests Passed%
HL English447/44999%
HL/SL French64/6993%
HL/SL Spanish423/42499%
HL History of Am.431/44996%
HL Psychology177/18894%
SL Psychology209/24486%
HL Biology57/6785%
SL Biology148/15297%
HL Chemistry12/1580%
SL Chemistry58/8568%
HL Physics10/1567%
SL Physics109/14078%
HL Math56/6290%
SL Math255/27094%
SL Math Studies115/11997%
HL/SL Film91/11083%
HL/SL Music58/6787%
SL Comp. SciYear 1Year 1
HL/SL Art39/5176%
IB Diplomas415/44893%

This bulletin published by the IBO contains summary statistics from the May 2020 examination session.  The May 2020 Session only consisted of internal assessment marks, rather than both internal and external assessment.

May 2020 Statistical World Bulletin

9th and 10th graders: In order to document community service hours, please have a letter written on letterhead from the organization where the hours were completed.  The letter should include student’s name, dates of service, number of hours, and type of activity, supervisor’s name and supervisor’s contact information.  Turn in verification to Mrs. Kennedy who will document for the Bright Futures Scholarship.  Remember you will need 100 hours of service by May 1st (of your senior year) to qualify for the Bright Futures Scholarship.

11th and 12th graders:  CAS learning experiences should be approved through Managebac, prior to completion. 

Summer Learning Opportunities 2020-2021

Please make sure you look carefully as to which assignments are to be completed for each course.  If you have questions, please email Mrs. Kennedy.  All summer learning opportunities are required.

AP Chemistry (IB)                            IB Chemistry 3

AP World History (Pre-IB)-Read First (c/o 2024)
Reading 1          Reading 2          Readings 3 & 4
Part 1                 Part 2                  Part 3    Part 4

AP U.S. History (IB) (c/o 2022)

Foreign Language
IB Spanish 4 (Reading)              IB Spanish 3                Pre-IB Spanish 2

IB French 4                                   IB French 3                  Pre-IB French 2

IB Seniors (c/o 2021)
IB Film 2                                     IB Film 3
IB Visual Art 2 & 3                     AP Art History
IB & PIB Music (all grades)- Part 1 & Part 2
Summer Reading

IB Learner Profile

The learner profile provides a long-term vision of education. It is a set of ideals that can inspire, motivate and focus the work of schools and teachers, uniting them in a common purpose.


What Colleges are Saying About the IB Learner Profile


CAS Project- Created by B'eja Birch & Buse Utkan (C/O 2020)