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Student Parking Information

Parking is a privilege at Nease High School and parking tags will be assigned through a lottery system after specialty programs are given priority consideration by Administration. To retain a parking tag, we expect students to maintain above a 2.0 GPA, have good attendance and follow all school rules. Parking tags may be suspended or revoked, if a student violates the District’s Code of Conduct or the 2023-2024 Parking Rules and Regulations.


  • Student drivers are required to understand the parking rules for our campus.
  • Students not knowing the rules will not eliminate the consequences outlined in the 2023-2024 Parking Rules and Regulations. Please review these carefully with your student.
  • 23-24 Parking Rules & Regulations

If you have further questions about parking, please email the Principal, Mrs. Kunze ([email protected]).

24-25 Parking Information

Current 10th & 11th graders it is time to apply for a 24-25 parking tag. PLEASE ensure that you read the 24-25 Parking Rules & Regulations BEFORE completing an application. PLEASE ensure you complete the correct application as I do not verify grade levels and move students from one list to another. 24-25 Seniors are given priority, so if a current junior completes the sophomore link you will not be receiving a parking tag, so pay attention.



Parking applications will be open through 11:59pm on Thursday, February 29th. If you don’t have a car but there is a possibility that you might have a car for next year, PLEASE complete the application. I only hold a few parking tags for new seniors, so if all tags are sold you will be out of luck if you email next fall asking for a tag because you now have a car. The application states that you must have your license by Oct 11th. If you will have your license AFTER Oct 11th and know you will have access to a car, please apply so you are automatically placed on the wait list instead of sending an email when you obtain your license.


CURRENT Juniors (24-25 Seniors) will be notified via the Panther Press if they are receiving a tag. Basically, everyone who applies will receive a tag unless there are discipline concerns. Current Juniors (24-25 Seniors) will have until 11:59pm on Tuesday, April 30th to pay the $125 parking tag fee online. After the deadline, I will determine how many additional tags can be sold and hope to award current sophomores (24-25 Juniors) parking tags before school is out or very early June.

24-25 Parking Rules & Regulations – You MUST read before you complete an application.

Parking application for Current Juniors (24-25 Seniors)

Parking application for Current Sophomores (24-25 Juniors)