2019-2020 Student Parking Information

Nease High School 2019-2020 Parking Rules

2019-2020 Parking Information

Please be aware, parking on campus without authorization will incur consequences including, but not limited to, fines or loss of privileges.

Parking on private property near campus may result in a student vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.


Juniors: Juniors who were issued parking tags are to park west of the yellow line in front of the clinic and gravel area in any open spot.  Your parking tag must be displayed from your rear view mirror with number facing outward.

Seniors: Seniors who were issued parking tags are to park in the spaces forward of the yellow line in the parking lot closest to campus.  You may NOT park in the Reserved Spaces numbered 1-47.  Your parking tag must be displayed from your rear view mirror with number facing outward.

Reserved Parking: Spaces numbered 1-47 in the Senior Parking Area are Reserved.  You must be assigned parking tags 1-47 to park and are required to park in your assigned numbered parking space.  If someone is parked in your reserved space in error, please notify the Parking Attendant or Mrs. Cioffi in Room C-119 to address the parking infraction.

Parking Fines

All parking fines should be cleared within 48 hours. Students with fines not cleared within 48 hours will lose their parking privileges until all fines are paid and will be booted. Each day beyond 48 hours will incur a $5 per day additional fee. If the ticket is not paid within 7 days, the student’s vehicle will be booted for an additional $50 charge. The student will incur a 9-week suspension of their parking privileges if fines are not paid within 7 days.

$25 Failure to display parking tag or register a temporary vehicle

$50 Failure to purchase a parking tag and parking on campus

$25 Parking in unauthorized areas in the student parking lot

$25 Parking in reserved spot not belonging to you

$25 Parking on the grass

$50 Boot removal fee

$25 Parking in the faculty/staff parking lot

$35 Replacement parking tag


Suspensions or Revocation of Parking Passes:

  • Students with excessive tardies and/or absences to their first period class in a quarter- 4 tardies (1 week); 5 tardies (2 weeks); 6 tardies (3 weeks)
  • Students with 15 days of unexcused absences (permanently revoked)
  • Students leaving campus without permission or taking another student off campus who does not have permission to leave (revoked for the quarter)
  • Unlawful speed, talking/texting on your phone while operating vehicle or reckless driving on campus (revoked for 2 weeks)
  • Level 4 disciplinary actions per the St. Johns County Student Code of Conduct (permanently revoked)
  • Students identified as selling/giving or buying/accepting parking tags will have their parking privileges revoked for the remainder of the year
  • Allowing another student to park in your spot or trading spaces with another student and not notifying the Principal or her designee of the change (revoked for 9 weeks)
  • Excessive violation of school rules (i.e. skipping class; defiance/disrespect; inappropriate conduct, class disruptions)- (revoked for the quarter)
  • Students who continue to park on campus without a parking tag or while their parking tag is revoked will have their vehicle booted and their parking privileges revoked for the remainder of the year
  • If you share a parking tag with another student and one of the students loses the parking tag for any reason, the parking tag is suspended or revoked from both drivers.

If a student loses their parking privileges, the vehicle registered to that parking tag is not allowed on campus. Refunds will not be given to students who lose their parking privilege (suspended or revoked) for disciplinary reasons.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in making Nease High School a safer place for all of our students.

2020/2021 Parking Applications

Parking applications will be available online in late spring of 2020 for the 2020/2021 School Year. Applications will only be accepted electronically and no applications will be accepted after the deadline.  Information regarding parking applications for the 2020/2021 School Year will be shared in the Panther Press.