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Students must have their I.D. to purchase food.


Secondary Breakfast
Secondary Lunch
Extra Milk
Adult Breakfast
Adult Lunch
Reduced Price Meal at Breakfast
Reduced Price Meal at Lunch
Reduced Price Meal at Breakfast
Smart Snacks
Baked Potato Chips
Cheez Its
Welch’s Fruit Snacks
IZZF Sparkling Fruit Drink $1.25
Aquafina 20 oz
Flavored water or diet tea
G2 12oz sports drink
Tropicano Juice
All canned beverages (assorted Pepsi products)
Ice Cream and Frozen Treats (assorted De Conna products)
Ala Carte Offerings Include the Following
Curly fries
Chicken Poppers
Buffalo Chicken Poppers
Dill Chicken Sandwich



Students are encouraged to use their ID cards to access their lunch account as this method keeps the lines going smoother and eliminates students keying in the wrong keypad numbers. Students will never be denied the opportunity to make purchases if they do not have an ID. Their account can be accessed at the point of sale if necessary. Your student should have their ID card ready when they get to the serving line. ID cards from previous years in the county may be used (this includes incoming freshmen).


Although students are to pay for their meal upon receipt, students may forget their lunch or lunch money. Each school has a policy as established by the Principal and the Food Service Manager as to what can be charged. In most cases your student will be allowed to charge up to one meal. There will be no charging of any a la carte food items to include entrees and snacks. Since students are only allowed to charge one meal they should ask the food service manager for permission before asking to be served.


High School students are verbally instructed by the cashier to bring in money the next day. It would help if guardians would periodically check the status of their student’s account on PayPAMS as they often forget to pay the charge the next day.

Free and Reduced Priced Meal Application REMINDER:

Parents are encouraged to complete one Free and Reduced Price Meal Application per family, rather than one per child. This single application for the family may be returned to the District Office or any of the District schools where parents have a child/children enrolled; we prefer that parents return the application to the school where their youngest child is enrolled. The schools will be sending all completed applications to the District School Food Service Office for centralized approval. Once processed at the District Office by the staff, an eligibility determination is made and a letter is mailed to the address on the application. Until the application is processed at the central office, all student meal charges (debt) will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian for payment.


Prepayments to your child’s meal account with your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit card can be made. Log on to Payment can also be received by the food service manager in form of check or cash. If check is used, please indicate students’ name and student personal identification number (PIN) on the check in the memo section. Prepayment is encouraged as it assists in movement of students through the line.


If your child has food allergies, please provide the school nurse with a physician’s note indicating the allergies and the appropriate food substitutions that are recommended by the physician or medical authority.


Restrictions can be placed on your student’s meal account. Once restrictions are placed, they cannot be removed unless the parent provides the food service manager with a note asking for the restrictions to be removed.


The food service manager is on site prior to school starting to begin breakfast meal preparation and departs from the school after completion of lunch. Inquires should be made prior to meal service time or immediately after meal service. Please check with your school to determine the best time to contact the food service manager in the event that you have questions.


Refunds are addressed at the school level and require a written request. Please contact the food service manager for a refund.


Student account balances can be obtained on at no charge to you. Your student’s account balance, either positive or negative, from the previous school year will roll into the new school year unless a refund has been requested.

Students eating the hot meal will no longer be able to choose alternate entrees. Only the entree(s) listed on the menu will be allowed as a choice. Each day their will be choices of fresh fruits and vegetables encouraging your child to make healthier choices.In other words the days of grabbing a cheeseburger and a juice box for lunch are over.Each student is required to have either a serving of fruit or vegetable on their tray for the meal to qualify as reimbursable. Juices will no longer be offered as a lunch component.

Free and Reduced Meals Information

In this economically challenging time, your student(s) may be eligible to receive free or reduced price meals. Please be reminded that applications are available in the school’s administration office, food service manager’s office, or the Food Service District web site. Families may apply at any time. Once approved, the eligibility is effective for the entire school year. If you have applied in the past and have been denied, and your family circumstances change, please reapply as your students may now qualify . Should you have any questions, please contact the District FNS Dept at 904-547-3960.