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School Accreditation

What does Cognia Accreditation Mean for Your Child?

This school is proud to be Cognia Accredited. But, you may ask, “How does Cognia Accreditation benefit my child?” Each one of Cognia’s exceptional standards directly affect the early childhood education your child receives. Choosing a Cognia accredited school means you have chosen a program that will create a world of opportunities for your young learner.

Cognia Features

How This Benefits Your Child…

Elite Accreditation
Cognia Accreditation is one of a very few accreditation systems recognized by Florida’s State Board of Education.

Your child will make a smooth transition from a Cognia accredited school to any public or private school in the nation.

Results-Proven Curriculum
Cognia Accreditation ensures that a quality curriculum is in place.

Your child meets and exceeds Standards of Learning requirements for Florida.

Cognia requires schools to regularly report on their program goals.

Your child will grow academically as the program consistently improves through each stage of development.

Strive for Excellence
The teachers at a Cognia accredited program work toward professional standards that far exceed the competition.

Your child will always receive the latest and most current educational strategies backed by research.

Professionalism of Teachers
Cognia Accreditation means that the management and staff are constantly working on maintaining and improving the quality of the services they provide for your child.

Your child learns from teachers who use strategies that individualize your child’s experience.

Quality of Facilities and Equipment
A Cognia accredited facility is well equipped and well maintained with materials and supplies.

Your child has a variety of equipment that helps him achieve success.

Parent Involvement
Cognia Accreditation encourages the building of “school communities” that involve the participation of parents, teachers, and school managers.

Your child has the added benefit of your guidance in his or her academic development.

A Stellar Reputation in the Industry
Cognia Accreditation is well known at all stages of the educational spectrum. It is the largest accreditation system for educational institutions in the world.

Your child is educated in a program that others recognize as one that is part of a quality education continuum.