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Faculty and Staff Directory


Mrs. Kunze Principal Email
Ms. Cullipher Assistant Principal – Curriculum, Guidance, English, Performing Arts, Dual Enrollment Email
Ms. Mander Assistant Principal – Testing, MTSS/RTI, Math, Reading, World Language Email
Mr. Stoddard Assistant Principal – ESE, Social Studies Email
Mr. Wuellner Assistant Principal – Facilities, Discipline, PE, ROTC, Science Email
Ms. Kennedy Registrar & IB Program Coordinator – IB Website, Naviance, College Visits & Scholarships Email
Ms. Combs Academy Program Specialist – Academy Website & Intern Website Email
Mr. Gomes Athletic Director Email
Ms. Sullivan Maintenance Coordinator Email
Ms. Cornelius Executive Secretary Email or (904) 547-8302
Deputy Dees Youth Resource Deputy Email

Dean’s Office

Mr. Reevey Dean, 9th Grade Students Email
Ms. Abbatinozzi Dean, 10th Grade Students Email
Mr. Bailen Dean, 11th Grade Students Email
Ms. Burney Dean, 12th Grade Students Email
Mr. Osofsky ISS Clerk Email

Front Office and Support Staff

Ms. Stone Bookkeeper Email
Ms. Argitis Cafeteria Manager Email
Ms. Raymond Athletic Trainer Email
Ms. Hoffman Front Office Receptionist Email or  (904) 547-8300
Ms. Aldana Attendance Email
Ms. Kelly Registered Nurse Email
Ms. Walker Registered Nurse Email
Ms. Keller-Hughes Athletic Secretary Email or (904) 547-8318
Ms. Bennick Copy/Supply Clerk Email
Mr. Von Hagen Technology Support Email
Mr. Kaier Technology Support Email
Ms. Speckman Computer Operator Email
Ms. Mullen Computer Operator Email
Mr. Bourke Parking Attendant Email

The Academies of Nease High School & NJROTC

Mr. Arias Stellar Academy of Engineering Email
Ms. Amato Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Email
Mr. Cooler Communications Academy- TV Production Email
Gunny Hanson NJROTC 1 Email
Mr. Beale Stellar Academy of Engineering Email
Captain LaRochelle NJROTC 4 Email
Ms. Soto Communications Academy- Digital Design Email
Master Chief Spears NJROTC 2, 3 Email
Mr. Stephens Communications Academy- Sports Media Email


Ms. Bakshi-Haller Language Arts Email
Mr. Binns Language Arts Email
Ms. Bourquin Language Arts, Film, Newspaper Email
Mr. Braun Language Arts Email
Ms. Cassano Language Arts Email
Mr. Coghlan Language Arts Email
Mr. Coe Language Arts Email
Ms. Cowart Language Arts, Yearbook Email
Ms. Devine Language Arts Email
Mr. Drawdy Reading Email
Ms. Druggan Instructional Coach for Language Arts Email
Ms. Gallagher Language Arts Email
Ms. Goodman Language Arts, Dept. Chair Email
Mr. Harvey Language Arts Email
Ms. Hurst Language Arts Email
Ms. Johnson Language Arts Email
Ms. Lewis Language Arts Email
Ms. Migut Language Arts Email
Ms. Murphy Reading Teacher Email
Ms. Porcellini Language Arts, Speech Email
Ms. Russell-Michael Language Arts Email
Ms. Strauss Language Arts Email
Mr. Ware Language Arts Email
Ms. Ways Language Arts Email
Mr. White Language Arts, Creative Writing Email

Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

Ms. Adair ESE Teacher Email
Mr. Bavuso ESE Paraprofessional Email
Ms. Conway ESE Teacher Email
Ms. Cutler ESE Teacher Email
Ms. Harrington ESE Teacher Email
Ms. Howland ESE Teacher Email
Ms. Ilao ESE Teacher Email
Ms. Manias ESE Teacher Email
Mr. Mason ESE Teacher Email
Ms. Mietzner ESE Teacher, Dept Chair Email
Ms. Pope ESE Teacher Email
Ms. Barrett ELL Para Professional Email
Ms. Richardson ESE Teacher Email
Ms. Shelton Gifted Itinerant Teacher Email
Ms. Stephens ESE Teacher Email
Ms. Taylor ESE Clerk Email

Fine Arts

Mr. Cananzi Band Email
Ms. Denton Visual Art Email
Ms. Flowers Computer Education Email
Mr. Hunsinger Theatre Email
Mr. Kirsche Computer Science Email
Ms. Madden Computer Science, STEM Email
Ms. Poe Music, Chorus, Dept. Chair Email
Mr. Schoelen Guitar Email
Mr. Smith Visual Art Email
Mr. Sobol Visual Art Email
Ms. Vitkas Visual Art Email
Ms. Welch Visual Art Email

World Language

Ms. Adair Spanish Email
Ms. Blankenship Spanish Email
Ms. Clauson Spanish Email
Mr. Espinosa Spanish Email
Ms. Etheridge American Sign Language Email
Ms. Koenig American Sign Language
Ms. Logsdon American Sign Language Email
Mr. Padilla-Hernandez Spanish Email
Ms. Scheffer French Email
Ms. Sundstrom Spanish, Dept. Chair Email


Ms. Kennedy All IB Students Email
Ms. Doane School Counselor, Sophomores and all Last Names Co-Go Email
Ms. Kifah School Counselor, Seniors & all Last names Li-O Email
Ms. Smith School Counselor, Juniors and all Last Names P-Si Email
Ms. Sletto School Counselor, Freshman and all last names Sk-Z Email
Ms. Messenger Testing Coordinator, Testing Info Email
Ms. Vargas Guidance Secretary Email or (904) 547-8321


Ms. Baran Math Teacher Email
Ms. Bertram Math Teacher Email
Ms. Bishop Math Teacher Email
Ms. Carlos Math Teacher Email
Ms. Cockriel Math Teacher Email
Ms. Fifield Math Teacher Email
Ms. Fryar Math Teacher Email
Ms. Gebauer Math Teacher, Dept. Chair Email
Mr. Gurowski Math Teacher Email
Mr. Hanson Math Teacher Email
Ms. Haymaker Math Teacher Email
Mr. Knight Math Teacher Email
Ms. Massacavollo Math Teacher Email
Ms. Meddings Math Teacher Email
Ms. Robbins Math Teacher, Math Instructional Coach Email
Ms. Thompson Math Teacher Email
Ms. Townsend Math Teacher Email
Mr. Trachim Math Teacher Email
Ms. Ward Math Teacher Email
Ms. Wasylyna Math Teacher Email
Ms. West Math Teacher Email
Ms. Williams Math Teacher Email

Media Center

Ms. Milian Media Specialist Email
Ms. Haddix Media Para Professional Email
Ms. Patterson Media Para Professional Email

Virtual Lab

Mr. Garth Virtual Assistant Email

Physical Education

Mr. Cannaday Physical Education Teacher Email
Mr. Drafts Weight Training (Football) Email
Mr. Getchell Physical Education, Girls Weight Training Email
Ms. Uhler Physical Education Paraprofessional Email
Ms. Waters Physical Education Teacher Email


Mr. Balsamo Science Teacher Email
Ms. Beland Science Teacher Email
Mr. Cassano Science Teacher Email
Ms. Chambers Science Teacher Email
Ms. Collins Science Teacher Email
Ms. Fagan Science Teacher Email
Mr. Howley Science Teacher Email
Ms. Hutcherson Science Teacher Email
Ms. Ishee Science Teacher, Dept. Chair Email
Ms. Kilpatrick Science Teacher Email
Mr. Lambert Science Teacher Email
Mr. Lay Science Teacher Email
Mr. Lyons Science Teacher Email
Ms. Martin Science Teacher Email
Ms. Milton Science Instructional Coach, TOK Teacher Email
Ms. Post Science Teacher Email
Ms. Sanford Science Teacher Email
Ms. Spahiu Science Teacher Email
Ms. Wright-Neal Science Teacher Email

Social Studies

Ms. Bell Psychology Teacher Email
Mr. Brinkley History Teacher Email
Ms. Case Psychology Teacher Email
Ms. Cunningham History Teacher Email
Mr. DeVos History Teacher Email
Mr. Fleming History Teacher Email
Ms. Grady History Teacher Email
Mr. Hensley Psychology and History Teacher Email
Mr. Jump History Teacher Email
Mr. Kendrick History Teacher Email
Mr. Lankford History Teacher Email
Mr. Lee History Teacher Email
Ms. Lindow History Teacher Email
Mr. Lucas History Teacher Email
Ms. Mazzotta History Teacher Email
Mr. Miller History Teacher Email
Dr. Murray-Sutherland History Teacher Email
Mr. Peterson History Teacher Email
Ms. Roberts Psychology Teacher Email
 Mr. Tovrea  History Teacher  Email
Mr. Tusing History Teacher, Dept. Chair Email