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Dual Enrollment at SJRSC

What is Dual Enrollment ?

Dual Enrollment is a high school pathway that works with St. Johns River State College allowing students to take college courses while in high school.
Students must provide their own transportation.
The courses are taken through SJR State, and count for BOTH high school and college credit. Therefore, the credits earned shows up on the student's NHS high school transcript and the SJR college transcript.
Textbooks are provided by St. Johns County Schools at no cost!

Join the Prospective DE Schoology Group to learn More about how to apply

  • Login to Schoology>Groups>Join Group
    • Then enter the access code: QQ65-FS9N-6FGTM
  • Follow the directions outlined in the Updates.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are you a Nease student? 
  • Do you have an unweighted GPA of a 3.0?
  • Do you have SAT/ACT or PERT test scores? 
  • Do you regularly meet important deadlines? 
  • Are you mature enough to register for classes and communicate with professors on your own? 
  • Do you have approval from your School Counselor and an administrator? 

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you qualify! 

  • ACT/SAT or PERT are acceptable
  • Scores must  be less than 2 years old
  • Elective DE courses do not require a specific score. 
  • Many academic courses require specific scores.

The SJR courses are offered in a variety of formats: 

  • SJR Campus – Live courses on one of SJR’s three campus’ (St. Augustine, Orange Park, or Palatka ) 
  • “Live online” classes- Online courses that require that students login at a specific time of day/ week to engage in synchronous learning from SJR professors. 
  • Online classes- Asynchronous courses that allows students the freedom to complete work when they choose. (As long as they stay on pace and meet deadlines!) 

Join the NHS Prospective DE Student Schoology group! 

  •  Login to Schoology>Groups>Join Group
    • Then enter the access code: QQ65-FS9N-6FGTM
  • Follow the directions outlined in the Updates. (It is reposed below.) 

Application Process for New DE Students: 

•1. Register to take the PERT/ SAT/ ACT at an SJR on campus testing site through SJR.

•2. Watch this video (or re-watch) and take the online “Quiz.”

•3. Upload your test scores to the last question on the “Quiz.”
•4. You will get an email within 5 business days that will have the application and registration information and you will be added to the official NHS DE Schoology Group! (USE IT!) 
•5. Apply online using the document that was sent in the email.
•6. Download the Consent form and sign.
•7. Upload Consent form to the Portal. (This is located in the DE Schoology Group in “Resources.”
•8. Check your email! (When the summer/ fall course schedule is loaded on the SJR website, you will get an email that the schedule is live.
  1. REALLY think about this decision. The college transcript lasts forever! 
  3. Register to take an entrance test like PERT/ ACT/ SAT

Email Ms. Strickin, the Dual Enrollment Coordinator directly to be added to the DE email list. 

Click here to email Ms. Stricklin.

Info about important DE deadlines is also communicated through our Schoology group and the Panther Press. 

Spring 2022 Deadlines

      • October 13- registration open for all students
      • November 23 by 5:00 PM- registration form due


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