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Course Registration Information

Final Dates for Submitting a Course Request Review to Drop a Course Selection for 2020-2021 have passed.

Elective Courses: March 13th, 2020

CORE Courses & Course Petitions: July 14th, 2020 

All of the links to review, petition and change courses opened on January 13th. At this time, all forms are no longer accepting responses.

Schedules go LIVE:

While schedules were live, there was an opportunity to submit a course review, but those were only approved for the following reasons that indicate an error:

___You are in a class for which you have already received a passing grade.

__Your schedule is missing a class you need for graduation.

___You have a hole in your schedule.

___ You are missing the next course in the progression from a course already taken. (For example: You took Spanish 1 last year, but Spanish 2 is missing on your schedule.)

When viewing schedules, please keep in mind the following:
  • Class periods and teachers may still change before the finalized release of schedules due to balancing of classes. However, student course placement will not change.
  • Newly hired teachers may be represented by a placeholder on your student’s schedule. These placeholders will include non-instructional Nease High School Employees.
  • Teacher names will be updated when schedules are permanently available in HAC.
  • Off campus St Johns River State College dual enrollment courses may not be reflected on your NHS schedule until the first day of school.

If you wish to request to have your student’s schedule reviewed because you believe an error was made, a digital Scheduling Review Form MUST be submitted. At this time, the forms are no-longer accepting responses. 

The schedule review form will be the ONLY WAY to request a scheduling concernSchedule requests sent any other way WILL NOT be considered. Please do not email schedule requests to counselors or administrators.

Schedules WERE NOT reviewed or approved for:

    • Teacher Preference
    • Lunch period preference
    • Class period preference (this includes changing modified periods)
    • Students who do not meet Honors Criteria and request advanced level courses.
    • The course being requested was not requested at registration or prior to the Spring Break deadline.
    • Switching from Brick and mortar to virtual blend.
  • Nease High School is an at capacity school which means that there are limited seats available in most of our courses. Requests for an academic or elective course change that was not requested at registration or prior to Spring Break will not be approved due to this.
Returning Student Verification & Residency

Some families who have not completed the returning student verification or 9th Grade residency paperwork WILL NOT have HAC access.  Please contact our Computer Operator, Ms. Rosenfeld, at [email protected]  or 547-8298 for assistance. 

Registration Process

  • Course requests are input by current teachers at the beginning of January. 
  • Students receive a copy of their course requests and elective selection options a few days before meeting with their counselor. They take the sheet home and discuss choices with their family, and then return to school with the options selected and the form signed. (See the Parent Scheduling Meeting Video in Resources for help on completing this processes with your student.) 
  • Students meet with their counselors one-on-one to discuss options based on their individual needs and desired college/ career pathways. 
  • Students have the option to change their elective courses until the last day of the 3rd quarter and can change their CORE courses through July. (See due dates and links below).

Student Course Registration Resources for the 2020-2021 School Year

Click to access the Parent Scheduling Meeting Video

This presentation outlines the following topics:

  • Scheduling options for students
  • Graduation requirements, course selection
  • Honors criteria
  • Process for dropping an AP or an Honors course
  • Intensive Reading processes and structure
  • Basic Dual Enrollment Information
  • Process for course registration
  • How to fill out the Course Verification Sheet

Click here to access the 2020-2021 IB Parent Scheduling Meeting

This presentation outlines the following for IB Student Scheduling:

  • Standard Diploma Requirements
  • IB Diploma Designations
  • Scheduling Options
  • Course Selections
  • Honors criteria
  • Dropping AP or Honors Courses
  • Grade Forgiveness
  • Dual Enrollment Requirements
  • IB Diploma Requirements
  • Course Registration Process
  • IB Planning Worksheet

This presentation outlines the following topics as it relates to rising 9th graders:

  • What colleges look for in the high school students
  • College options 4 year/ 2 year
  • Scheduling options for students
  • Graduation requirements, course selection
  • Spanish in Middle School vs. High School
  • Honors criteria
  • Process for dropping an AP or an Honors course
  • Intensive Reading & Math processes and structure
  • Process for Petitioning Courses
  • Process for submitting a course review form

Click here to access the parent night for rising 9th graders (current 8th graders.) 

Click here to access the 2020-2021 Nease Course Catalog

This document contains information about each course offered at Nease High School to help students and families better understand the curriculum for each course. Take a moment to consider each course of interest to ensure decisions are well discussed and researched to get the best fit. 

These documents were created to help illustrate how the courses progress from year to year in each subject. Click the subject below to access this information. 


Want to learn more about what electives are offered at NHS?

Click here to access our Elective Video

The Elective Course sheets are printed on the reverse side of the course recommendations and were distributed to students prior to their registration appointment with their counselors. 

Click here for the Grade 9 Elective Course Sheet

Click here for the Grade 10-12 Elective Course Sheet

Executive Internship is the off campus work program where students can earn high school credit for working at either a paid job of a licensed
business or as a volunteer at a registered non-profit organization.

Click to Download the Executive Internship Paperwork for 2020-2021