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Course Registration Information

Registration Process for the 2024-2025 School Year

  • Course recommendations are input by current teachers at the conclusion of Semester 1. 
  • Students receive a copy of their course recommendations and elective selection options prior to meeting with their counselor. Students are to take course verification sheet home and discuss choices with their family, and then return to school with the options selected and the form signed. (See the Parent Scheduling Meeting Presentation in Resources for help on completing this processes with your student.) 
  • Students meet with their counselors one-on-one to discuss options based on their individual needs and desired college/career pathways. 
  • Students have the option to change their elective courses until May 24th, and can change their CORE course level until July 17th. (See due dates and links below).
               Schedule Change/Course Review Link

Student Course Registration Resources for the 2024-2025 School Year


This presentation outlines the following topics:

  • Scheduling options for students
  • Graduation requirements, course selection
  • Honors criteria
  • Process for dropping an AP or an Honors course
  • Intensive Reading processes and structure
  • Basic Dual Enrollment Information
  • Process for course registration
  • How to fill out the Course Verification Sheet

Counselors visited each English classroom and presented information by grade level to students.  Students were presented their individual credit detail and also a credit check form.  Counselors guided students through their own credit check.  Dual Enrollment and IB students were presented with additional information regarding specific progressions.

This presentation outlines the following topics as it relates to rising 9th graders:

  • What colleges look for in the high school students
  • College options 4 year/ 2 year
  • Scheduling options for students
  • Graduation requirements, course selection
  • Spanish in Middle School vs. High School
  • Honors criteria
  • Process for dropping an AP or an Honors course
  • Intensive Reading & Math processes and structure
  • Process for Petitioning Courses
  • Process for submitting a course review form

Click here to access the parent night for rising 9th graders (current 8th graders.) 

View the Nease 2024-2025 Course Catalog

This document contains information about each course offered at Nease High School to help students and families better understand the curriculum for each course. Take a moment to consider each course of interest to ensure decisions are well discussed and researched to get the best fit. 

These documents were created to help illustrate how the courses progress from year to year in each subject. Click here to access the subjects below.

  • IB Course Progression
  • Academies
  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • World Language
  • 2D Art or  3D Art 
  • Band
  • Computer Science
  • Film
  • Business Management
  • Sports Marketing
  • Theatre

The Elective Course sheets are printed on the reverse side of the course recommendations and were distributed to students prior to their registration appointment with their counselors. 

Elective Course Selections Grade 9

Elective Course Selections Grade 10-12


Executive Internship is the off campus work program where students can earn high school credit for working at either a paid job of a licensed business or as a volunteer at a registered non-profit organization.

Paperwork is due July 17th at 11:59pm to this link.

Executive Internship – Co-Op Packet will NOT be accepted as a hard copy.  The packet must be completed and uploaded to the link to be added to student’s schedule.