FSA / EOC Testing

July 13 – 24, 2020 – Algebra I EOC Testing ONLY

Parents / Guardians and Students,

As you are aware, we are able to offer the Algebra I EOC during this upcoming testing window, to Nease students only. The exam is allowed to be taken on one day and will be administered in groups of nine students with one administrator, in accordance with current CDC guidelines. The exam consists of 2 x 90 minute sessions, a calculator is allowed in session 2 only. (TI-30Xa) Students testing in one day will be required to bring a lunch.

Students not opting for one day testing will attend on two consecutive days. Additionally, students should bring their own pencils, eraser and headphones  (if they have the accommodation for this ).

Preparing for the Test

School Webpage

  • Students may utilize Algebra Nation end of unit tests
  • This can be found on the Student Links page of the school website
  • sign in to math nation with your S number
  • click on the link for Algebra Nation

Practice Test – Computer Based Test

  • Follow the instructions on the FLVS guide to the computer based practice test.
  • Practice Test

Practice Test  – Paper Based (including answer key)

  • Click on the link below to complete the paper based practice test from FSA Assessments
  • Algebra I EOC PBT

Need more Help?

The following are review sessions which can be viewed via YouTube, courtesy of FLVS

Study daily for 20 minutes per session, work through the questions and show your working out. We look forward to seeing you in July.

You can always use  Google  to search for more practice tests, click the link to take you there.


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Mrs. Ashcroft