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FSA / EOC Testing

FALL TESTING WINDOW September 21 – October 23, 2020

FSA ELA Gr 10 Commences September 21, 2020

Please Read the attached letter:         Fall 2020_EOC_Parent_Guardian Notification Letter_CBT_Final

Students will take the ELA Gr 10 over three sessions:

Session One – Writing

Session Two – Reading Part I

Session Three – Reading Part II

Make- Make up sessions will continue after October 23, 2020

Students who are not able to maintain a 6 ft distance will be required to wear masks. Additionally, they will need to bring the following materials:

Pencil – for planning purposes

Earbuds / Headphones – Apple earbuds  / Air Pods are not compatible with our computer audio system. Suitable headphone require a jack to insert into our system, as see below. These are available from a variety of stores.



We are offering the following exams in this window:

  • Algebra I  / Geometry / FSA ELA Gr10 Reading – These tests will be administered at the beginning of the testing window. Each session (2) is 90 minutes in length and we are able to offer these in one sitting.  
    • Session 1- without calculator
    • Session 2 – calculator allowed TI-30Xa ONLY – students are required to bring their own or use the calculator available within the test platform.
      • Students should bring their own pencil
    • Unfortunately, if your student has extended time, the test must be administered over two sessions.
  • FSA ELA Gr 10 Writing – 120 minutes over one session
  • US History – 160 minutes over one session
  • Biology – 160 minutes over one session
  • please bring your own pencil

For students who have the testing accommodation of text-to-speech, please bring your own earbuds, which have to plug-in jack and not the iPhone 5 and above sets, unless you have the adapter.

Preparing for the Tests

Algebra I – School Webpage

  • Students may utilize Algebra Nation end of unit tests
  • This can be found on the Student Links page of the school website
  • sign in to math nation with your S number
  • click on the link for Algebra Nation

Practice Test – Computer Based Test

  • Follow the instructions on the FLVS guide to the computer based practice test.
  • Practice Test

Practice Test  – Paper Based (including answer key)

  • Click on the link below to complete the paper based practice test from FSA Assessments
  • Algebra I EOC PBT

Need more Help?

The following are review sessions which can be viewed via YouTube, courtesy of FLVS

Study daily for 20 minutes per session, work through the questions and show your working out. We look forward to seeing you in July.

You can always use  Google to search for more practice tests, click the link to take you there.

Geometry Resources

FSA ELA Gr 10 – click on the links below which will take you to the Department of Education Resources

Reading Practice Test

Writing Practice Test

Biology – Click on the links below

Practice test information

Computer-based practice tests are available online

US History – Click on the link below

Computer -based practice tests are available online