ASVAB Testing

ASVAB Career Exploration Program

Fall ASVAB TBA – Testing Day
Sprig ASVAB TBA – Testing Day

Our first  ASVAB test will be held on TBA, 2020 in the PAC. Students should be on campus ready to take the exam at 9:00 am and will, therefore, require transport to school that morning. Arriving by school bus does not guarantee your early arrival, please make alternative arrangements for the exam date.

The exam will start promptly at 9:00 am and should finish at 12:00 pm. Only students in 10, 11 & 12 grade are eligible for this exam. As a reminder for all tests, cellphones / smartwatches should be powered off, and placed inside the student’s backpack. Pencils and an eraser are required for this test, and students will show as testing in attendance HAC. This test if free of charge and is administrated by the military.

As soon as exam scores are received ROTC students may obtain their scores from Master-Chief Spears. Non ROTC students should see Mrs. Ashcroft in PH226

Please be advised students MUST be seated in the PAC at 9:00 am ready to start the exam. You will need to arrange your own transport to school on both test dates listed above. There will be no entry to the PAC after 9:00 am

Program At-a-Glance

The ASVAB Career Exploration Program provides high-quality, career exploration and planning materials at no cost to high schools throughout the country. The Program encourages students to explore a wide variety of careers, rather than limiting their exploration by telling them what they can or should do. Schools receive a comprehensive career development program that meets the needs of today’s students, based on current career development theory and practice.
What are the Main Components?

Multiple-Aptitude Test
The ASVAB test covers eight areas including science, word knowledge, mathematics, and mechanical comprehension. It assesses a student’s ability to learn new skills and is a predictor of success in training and education programs.

Interest Inventory
The FYI is a 90-item interest inventory based on John Holland’s widely accepted theory of career choice. When students complete the FYI, they have three interest codes to use with the OCCU-Find for career exploration.

Career Exploration Tool
The OCCU-Find contains information about 400 + occupations sorted alphabetically, by interest code, and by career cluster providing students a variety of ways to identify occupations that will be satisfying. The online version links directly to O*NET and OOH job descriptions, and even the military career equivalents. Many of the occupations in the OCCU-Find feature career videos highlighting a-day-in-the-life glimpse at that occupation.

ASVAB Career Exploration Program and the Military: The Facts

  • Schools determine whether or not student information is released to the military
  • The Program is administered by civilian Education Services Specialists who have no recruiting function

Help students make informed career decisions.
For more information, visit or call 1-800-323-0513.