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Textbook Information


*IMPORTANT Textbook Tips & Reminders

  1. As soon as you receive your textbook(s)- WRITE your full name in INK on the inside cover and the school year.
  2. Make a note of each textbook and its barcode number (it will be on the front or the spine of the book).
  3. DO NOT share your textbooks and DO NOT leave them in an UNLOCKED locker or in your teachers’ classrooms.
  4. If you share a locker, PLEASE keep track of your textbooks.
  5. If you have an OUTSIDE LOCKER, DO NOT leave your books in there and forget about them all year. We are an outdoor campus and we live in Florida. Water damage and mold WILL form on the book and you will be responsible for its replacement. Take your books home if you don’t need them on campus
  6. You are financially responsible for any loss or damages to your textbooks. Any fees/fines you incur for textbooks will be charged to your account and will stay on your account through Senior year if not paid or reconciled.  This WILL impact schoolwide privileges, activities, and events.
  7. Remember – each one of these textbooks were checked out to YOU. You are responsible for making sure they are returned in good condition and on time at the end of the school year.

**Florida State Statute outlines textbook responsibilities and accountability:  1006.42

Responsibility of students and parents for instructional materials.—All instructional materials purchased under the provisions of this part are the property of the district school board. When distributed to the students, these instructional materials are on loan to the students while they are pursuing their courses of study and are to be returned at the direction of the school principal or the teacher in charge. Each parent of a student to whom or for whom instructional materials have been issued, is liable for any loss or destruction of, or unnecessary damage to, the instructional materials or for failure of the student to return the instructional materials when directed by the school principal or the teacher in charge, and shall pay for such loss, destruction, or unnecessary damage as provided under s. 1006.28(3).