On and Off Campus Internship Program

Executive Internship (Off-Campus/Co-op) and VPS (On-Campus) Course Information

Instructor: Jaime Combs /  [email protected]

**Current Executive Internship (co-op) Students:  if you get a new job during the school year, your new employer must sign the Employer form, and you need to turn it in to earn credit for hours at the new job location.  Print out a new employer form here: Executive Internship New Employer Form



All On-Campus Interns and Off-Campus (Co-op) Executive Internship students DO have to take a midterm exam. The exam counts as 10% of your semester grade for the course.  A study guide for the exam can be viewed here: Midterm Exam Study Guide.  You can also pick up a hard copy of the exam study guide at the Internship Station.

Here is some important information regarding your midterm exam:

*ALL on-campus and off-campus interns are required to take the midterm

*Midterms will be administered in the new addition section of the cafeteria during your internship period

*If you have multiple periods of internship, you only need to come to one exam period session to take the exam (you can select which period you would like)

*A portion of your midterm will also count as your Supervisor evaluation form and Proof of Work documentation (if you intern off campus) for the month of December! So, no need to turn in paystubs/timesheets or supervisor evaluation forms for December

Below is a copy of the midterm exam schedule.  Keep in mind that, for on-campus interns, once you are done taking the exam, you will go to your usual on-campus internship location for the remainder of the exam period.  Off-campus (co-op) students, you will be allowed to leave campus as soon as the exam is completed.  Note that on Wednesday there is a large 5th period class block between the 3rd and 4th period exam. If you have co-op during 5th period, you will be allowed to leave after the 3rd period exam block, and then return to school for the 4th period exam block.


First Semester Exams

It is very important that students are present for these exams.

Tuesday, December 18 – two exams

9:15 – 10:45    EXAM 1st Period

10:45 – 10:55   Break

10:55 – 12:25   EXAM 2nd Period

12:30 – 1:00    Lunch

Buses depart at 1:00

Wednesday, December 19 – two exams       

9:15 – 10:50    EXAM 3rd Period


A Lunch

Lunch: 10:56 – 11:31 (35)

Class: 11:33 – 1:02 (89)

B Lunch

Class: 10:56 – 11:36 (40)

Lunch: 11:38 – 12:13 (35)

Class: 12:15 – 1:02 (47)

C Lunch

Class: 10:56 – 12:25 (89)

Lunch: 12:27 – 1:02 (35)

1:08 – 2:45      EXAM 4th Period

Buses depart normal time.

Thursday, December 20 – two exams           

9:15 – 10:45    EXAM 5th Period

10:45 – 10:55   Break

10:55 – 12:25   EXAM 6th Period

12:30 – 1:00   Lunch

Buses depart at 1:00.

Friday, December 21 – one exam      

9:15 – 10:45    EXAM 7th Period

10:50 – 11:20 Lunch

Buses depart at 11:25

Make-up exams for any period from 11:20am to 2:45pm OR when we return in January.

If you have any questions about the midterm exam for on-campus internship or off-campus internship (co-op), please see Mrs. Combs, or email her at [email protected]

Any students who has Executive Internship on his/her schedule must have a completed Executive Internship packet turned in by the first day of school, if he/she wants to be excused for Executive Internship periods.
Here is the packet, which must be notarized and if the student is driving, that student must provide a copy of his/her driver’s license: Executive Internship Packet 2018-19


*A reminder to off-campus internship students: during your periods of off-campus Executive Internship, you are not permitted to be on campus for any reason*

Monthly required paperwork is due the last Wednesday of each month.  Students have 5 school days to get their paperwork turned in for full credit (that period begins the last Wednesday of each month).  Due dates for 2018-2019 paperwork: August 29th, September 26th, October 31st, November 28th, (none for Dec-exam instead), January 30th, February 27th, March 27th, April 24th, (none for May-exam instead)

At Nease, students can earn High School credit by working or volunteering off-campus on a consistent basis during the school year.  Students can take up to four periods of Executive Internship over the course of their high school career.

Students can also act as on-campus interns through the Voluntary Public Service course, which is a half-credit course that they can take one time over the course of their high school career.

Students cannot be considered for the off-campus internship without completing Executive Internship packet completely.  Please note that the parent signature page must be notarized. Students must also attach a copy of a valid drivers license if planning on driving themselves to and from school for the internship, and students must either have their own parking pass, or have a consistent ride with another student arriving on campus/leaving campus at the same time they do each day.

Required Executive Internship Packet: Executive Internship Packet 2018-19

Required monthly paperwork is due the last Wednesday of each  month!  On campus interns must turn in a supervisor evaluation form.  Off campus interns must turn in a supervisor evaluation form and a copy of paystubs or timesheets which prove he/she worked the minimum required number of hours for the month (5 hours per week, per period of Executive Internship).

Print off your monthly Supervisor Evaluation Sheet Here:

Executive Internship (co-op) Supervisor Form: Off Campus Supervisor Evaluation Form 2018-19

V.P.S/On-Campus Internship Supervisor Form: On Campus Supervisor Evaluation Form 2018-19


Text the code @nhsint2018 to 81010 for important text alerts!