Staff Directory


Lisa Kunze
[email protected]

Administrative Staff

Ted Banton Assistant Principal – Communication, Events, Data, Science, Math, ROTC, and PE [email protected]
Latasha Bowens Assistant Principal – LEA, Discipline, ESE, English, Arts, and Academies [email protected]
Abbey Mander Assistant Principal – Curriculum, Guidance, RTI, Reading, and World Languages [email protected]
Katie O’Connell Dean, 10th & 12th, Detention, In-School Suspension
[email protected]
Jacqueline Ashcroft Dean, 9th & 11th, Detention [email protected]
Jerry Hurst Dean – Attendance, Parking, Drills [email protected]
Mike Oxborough Maintenance Coordinator [email protected]
Matt McCool Athletic Director [email protected]
Vanessa Power Registrar [email protected]
Crystal Stone Bookkeeper [email protected]
Karen Cornelius Administrative Secretary [email protected]
Kim Hollis IB Coordinator – IB Website [email protected]
Jaime Combs Academy Coordinator – Academy Website Internship Coordinator – Internship Website [email protected]
Mollie Altick-Magill Instructional Literacy Coach – Website [email protected]


Justin Cooler TV Production 1-5, Wired, (Communications Academy) [email protected]
Jacqueline Soto Digital Design, Digital Information Technology (Communications Academy) [email protected]
Geoff Stephens TV Production 1, TV Production 2 – 5, Sports Media, Senior Video (Communications Academy) [email protected]
Tim Gilboy Principles of Engineering, Introduction to Engineering Design (Stellar Academy of Engineering) [email protected]
Tara Cushman Digital Information Technology, Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism, Technology for Hospitality and Tourism (Academy of Hospitality and Tourism) [email protected]
Morgan Hunter Introduction to Engineering [email protected]
Jeremiah Klosterman IDT, Star/Link Crew [email protected]


Nancy Williams English 2 Honors, English 4 IB [email protected]
Craig Binns English 1 Pre-IB [email protected]
Karen Ostrow English 3, English 3 Honors [email protected]
Holly Bourquin English 4, Journalism I, IB Film, The Vertical Newspaper [email protected]
Katelin Bowker English 2, English 1 Honors [email protected]
Melissa Fraum English 1, English 1 Honors [email protected]
Danielle MacClary Intensive Reading [email protected]
Vandana Bakshi-Haller English 3, English 3 Honors [email protected]
Cheryl Goodman AP Literature, Theory of KnowledgeDepartment Head [email protected]
Christi O’Quinn Intensive Reading [email protected]
Shannon Pickard English 3, English 3 Honors, English 1 [email protected]
Sandra Strauss English 2 Honors, English 2 IB [email protected]
Melissa Vecchiola AP Language, English 2 [email protected]
Amber Linskey English 2, English 1 Honor, Creative Writing [email protected]
Sarah Dominguez English 4, English 4 Honors [email protected]
Derek Coghlan English 3 IB, English 4 Honors [email protected]
Susan Lycke Intensive Reading [email protected]
Katie Caldwell English 1, English 2 [email protected]
Hillary McKeown  English 2, English 2 Honors [email protected]

Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

Tim Dennis Para Professional
[email protected]
Melissa Davis Math, Learning Strategies – Department Head [email protected]
Vincent Turner English, Learning Strategies [email protected]
Jason Hatcher Learning Strategies, Biology, Career Experiences [email protected]
Julie Pantano Gifted Consultative Teacher [email protected]
Andrea Selkirk ESE Teacher [email protected]

Fine Arts

Maria Laird Theater 1 – 4, Tech Theater, Musical Theater 2, Speech 1
[email protected]
Madeline Poe IB Music, Chorus 1-5, [email protected]
David Maynard Intro to 3D Art, 3D Studio Art 1 – 3, AP 3-D, IB Art 1 – 2, Angels for Allison sponsor [email protected]
Megan Welch Intro to 2D Art, 2D Art 1 – 2, Portfolio, AP Drawing, AP 2D Design, National Art Honor Society sponsor [email protected]

World Language

Abby Sander Spanish 2, Spanish 1 Pre-IB [email protected]
Lisa Layton American Sign Language 2-3Department Head [email protected]
Cecilia Feliciano Spanish 2, Spanish 2 Pre-IB [email protected]
Rosa Maria Weaver Spanish 3, Spanish 3 IB, Spanish 4 IB [email protected]
Marta Senyszyn French 1-5, French IB 1-4 [email protected]
Odessa Mayer American Sign Language 1-2 [email protected]
Nicole Santoro Spanish 1, Spanish 2 [email protected]
Carmen Adair Spanish 1, Spanish 3 IB, Spanish 4 IB [email protected]

Guidance – Website

Cindy Vartanian Guidance Counselor and DE coordinator, Last names A-E [email protected]
Michel Gledhill Guidance Counselor and DE coordinator, Last names L-P [email protected]
Laura Maalouf Guidance Counselor and DE coordinator,Last names F-K [email protected]
Daphne Harden Dept Head Guidance Counselor and DE coordinator Last names Q-Z [email protected]
Cynthia Messenger Testing Coordinator [email protected]
Maria Perricone Guidance Secretary [email protected]
Natalie Kunkel Naviance Coordinator Family Connection by Naviance [email protected]
Matthew J. Hladik Computer Operator [email protected]
Lindsey Cooper Computer Operator [email protected]
Beth Upchurch Gifted Consultative Teacher [email protected]


Megan Kleisler Algebra 1, Algebra 2 [email protected]
Nicole Baran AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Algebra 2 Honors, STA 2023
[email protected]
Michael Hanson Algebra 2, Algebra 2 Honors, Probability & Statistics Honors [email protected]
Katie Davis Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus Honors [email protected]
Stefanie Martineau Algebra 2 Honors, IB Statistics, Math Studies IB – Department Head [email protected]
Ken Sanford Math for College Readiness [email protected]
Lindsay Woelfel Algebra 2 Honors, IB Calculus, Pre- Calculus IB [email protected]
Elisa West Advanced Math Topics (AMT), AP Statistics [email protected]
Kelli Gebauer Geometry, Geometry Honors [email protected]
Kelli Ward Geometry Honors, Intensive Math [email protected]
Kevin Mierzwinski Algebra 2 Honors, Liberal Arts Math 2 (LAM2) [email protected]
Kim Strickland Algebra 1, Algebra 1 Honors, Intensive Math [email protected]
Nancy Siple Algebra 1, Liberal Arts Math (LAM) [email protected]
Christie Newman Geometry [email protected]
Melissa Fifield Geometry, Intensive Math [email protected]
Sean Rampacek Algebra 1 [email protected]
Max Gurowski Algebra 1, Geometry [email protected]
Amy Mittelstadt Associate Teacher [email protected]

Media Center – Website

Carolyn Milian Media Specialist [email protected]
Kathy McMahon Media Tech [email protected]

NJROTC – Website

Scott LaRochelle ROTC 4, Leadership 4 – Department Head [email protected]
Duane Spears ROTC 2-3, Leadership 2-3  [email protected]
Gunny Hanson ROTC 1, Leadership 1 [email protected]


Terrence Washington Virtual Assistant [email protected]

Physical Education

Frank Davis HOPE, Team Sports [email protected]
Tim Krause Head Football Coach, Weight Training [email protected]
Todd Nichols HOPE, Weight Training, Team Sports [email protected]
Daunte Owens HOPE Weight Training, Team Sports [email protected]
Holly Ventimiglia [email protected]


Jennie Fagan Marine Science [email protected]
Matt Augenstein Physics Honors, Physics 2 IB, Physics 3 IB [email protected]
Kristina Bransford Anatomy and Physiology, Anatomy and Physiology Honors
Jessica Lasko Physical Science, Physical Science Honors
Debra Nall Pre-IB Biology, Biology Honors, Biology 3 IB
Christina Talbot Physical Science, Earth/Space Science
Marsha Sanford Dual Enrollment Biology, Biology Honors, AP Environmental
Deb Tewey Pre-IB Biology, Biology 2 IB – Department Head
Juanita Farmer Chemistry Honors
Tina Willis Biology
Nicky Schotman Biology
Lindsay Gray Chemistry
Tracie Johnson Pre-IB Chemistry, Chemistry 2 IB, Chemistry 3 IB
Meg Ishee Biology Honors
Morgan Hunter
Physical Science
Sean Rampacek Physical Science

Social Studies

Joe Reiney AP European History, Inquiry Skills IB
Mike Biondolino Pyschology 1-2, Psychology 1-2 IB
Steve Condit World History, World History Honors
Chris Hensley Psychology 1-2, AP Psychology, U.S. History Honors
Jerry Lanford World History, American History Honors
Melissa O’Steen U.S. History, AP U.S. History
Josh Bailen Government, Economics, Government Honors, Economics Honors, AP Government
H.A. Smith AP Microeconomics, History of the Americas
Holly Farson AP Human Geography, Yearbook
Jimmy Lee
World Cultural Geography, AP U.S. History, U.S. History Honors
Lauren Spedden American History
Joe Tusing IB Gov. Honors, AP Government IB – Department Head
Bob Brinkley
World Cultural Geography, AP World History, U.S. History
Tim Krause Government, Government Honor, Economics Honors
Greg Case World History, World History Honors
Amy Gruhn Government and Economics
Ted DeVos Associate Teacher

Support Staff

Carma Banks Cafeteria Manager
Angie Stricklin Athletic Secretary
Kathy McMahon Volunteer Coordinator
Ashley Raymond Athletic Trainer
Kathy Bennick Copy/Supply Clerk
Kaitlyn Mast Front Desk Clerk
Lorna Patterson Attendance, Dean’s Secretary
Gabe Bagby School Resource Officer
Laurie Morrison, RN Nurse
Gail Polochak In School Suspension (ISS)