Staff Directory



Kyle Dresback

Administrative Staff

Latasha Bowens

Assistant Principal – Guidance, IB AVID, World Language, Career Electives

Nikki Lynch

Assistant Principal – ESE, English & Science

Bernie Blue

Dean, 9 & 11, Transportation, ISS

Jack Laverty

Dean, 10 & 12, Attendance, Detention

Bob Wamser

Maintenance Coordinator

Ted Barbato

Athletic Director

Vanessa Power


Crystal Stone


Karen Cornelius

Administrative Secretary

Kim Hollis

IB Coordinator – IB Website

Jeff Stoddard

Academy Coordinator – Academy Website

Mollie Altick-Magill

Instructional Literacy Coach – Website


TV Production 2-5, Wired, IB Film
Digital Design, Introduction to IT – Department Head
TV Production 1, TV Production 2 – 5, Sports Media, Senior Video
Drafting 1-4


English 4, English 4 IB, AP Literature
English 1 Pre-IB, AVID English 1
English 4, Journalism
English 1, English 1 Honors, Intensive Reading 9/10
English 1 Honors, English 3 Honors
Angie Witwer
Intensive Reading
English 3, Yearbook
AP Literature, Theory of Knowledge
Intensive Reading
English 2, English 2 Honors, English 2 AVID
English 2, English 2 IB
AP Language, English 3 Honors – Department Head
English 1, English 2
English 2, English 2 Honors
English 3 IB, English 4 Honors

Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

English 1, Intensive Reading – Department Head
English 2, Algebra 1, Geometry, Learning Strategies
Geometry, Algebra 1, Learning Strategies
English Skills 1-4, English 2, English 3, English 4
Physical Science, Geometry
Learning Strategies
Leonard Smith
Para Professional

Fine Arts

Maria Helfrich
Drama 1-3, English 3, Stagecraft
IB Music, Music of the World, Chorus 1-3, Musical Theater
Drawing & Painting, Ceramics & Pottery, IB Art
Drawing & Painting, Ceramics & Pottery
Band, Percussion, Color Guard

World Language

Spanish 1, Spanish 1 Pre-IB, Spanish 2 – Department Head
American Sign Language 1-3
Spanish 2, Spanish 2 IB
Spanish 3, Spanish 3 IB, Spanish 4 IB
French 1-5, French IB 1-4
Spanish 1, Spanish 2

Guidance – Website

Cindy Vartanian
Guidance Counselor, Last Names A-G
Michel Gledhill
Guidance Counselor, Last Names H-N
Daphne Harden
Guidance Counselor, Last Names O-Z
Kristine Novelly
Testing Coordinator, Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Peggy Altick
Guidance Secretary
Naviance Coordinator Family Connection by Naviance
Beth Newell
Computer Operator


Liberal Arts Math (LAM), Advanced Math Topics (AMT), Algebra 1
Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus
Geometry Honors, Math Analysis
Geometry, Geometry Honors, Math for College Readiness
Paul Trimble
Algebra 2 Honors, Algebra 2 IB, Pre-Calculus IB, AP Calculus
Algebra 2 Honors, Math Studies IB – Department Head
Algebra 1, Advanced Algebra
Algebra 1 with Intensive Math, Algebra 1 Honors AVID, Algebra 2
Advanced Math Topics (AMT), Trig/Analytical Geometry, AP Statistics
Geometry, Geometry with Intensive Math, Geometry Honors, Geometry Honors AVID
Geometry w/ Intensive Math, Geometry
Algebra 1 w/ Intensive Math, Algebra 1
Geometry, Algebra 2, Math for College Success, Advanced Math Topics (AMT)
Ted Harkness
Associate Teacher

Media Center – Website

Cynthia Messenger
Media Specialist
Kathy McMahon
Media Tech

NJROTC – Website

ROTC 4, Leadership 4 – Department Head
ROTC 2-3, Leadership 2-3
ROTC 1, Leadership 1


Virtual Assistant

Physical Education

Team Sports – Department Head
Tim Krause
Head Football Coach, Team Sports, Weight Training


AVID 1-2, Chemistry 1 Honors, Chemistry 1 IB
Marine Science, Earth/Space Science, Phys.Science – Department Head
Physical Science, Physical Science Honors
Physics, Physics Honors AP, Physics IB
Kristina Bransford
Biology, Biology Honors, Earth/Space
Biology 1 Honors, Biology 1 IB, Biology 2 IB, Biology 3 IB
Physical Science
Biology, Anatomy Honors, AP Environmental
Biology, Biology Honors AVID, Pre-IB Biology
Pre-IB Chemistry, IB Chemistry 2, IB Chemistry 3
Chemistry 1, Chemistry 1 Honors

Social Studies

AP European History, Inquiry Skills IB
Pyschology 1-2, Psychology 1-2 IB
World History, World History Honors
Psychology 1-2, AP Psychology
World History, World History Honors
American History, American History Honors, World History Honors, World History Honors AVID
Government, Economics, Government Honors, Economics Honors, AP Government
AP Microeconomics, History of the Americas
Teen Leadership
AP US History, American History
American History, World History
American History, IB Gov. Honors, AP Government IB – Department Head
Honors Economics, Honors Government, American History
Tim Krause

Support Staff

Carma Banks
Cafeteria Manager
Angie Stricklin
Receptionist, Athletic Secretary & Volunteer Coordinator
Andrea Heeter
Athletic Trainer
Kathy Bennick
Copy/Supply Clerk
Lorna Patterson
Attendance & Front Desk Clerk
Gail Polochak
Dean’s Secretary
Phil Graham
School Resource Officer
Terrance Barber
In School Suspension (ISS)