Faculty and Staff Directory


Lisa Kunze Principal [email protected]
Ted Banton Assistant Principal – MTSS/RtI, Facilities, English, Social Studies, Reading [email protected]
Latasha Bowens Assistant Principal – Discipline, ESE, World Lang. & Mathematics [email protected]
Jeff Stoddard Assistant Principal – Curriculum, Guidance, Arts, PE, Science [email protected]
Jaime Combs Academy Coordinator – Academy Website & Intern Website [email protected]
Missy Kennedy IB Coordinator – IB Website, College Visits & Scholarships [email protected]
Kelly Abbatinozzi Dean, 9th Grade Students; Detention [email protected]
Becky Burney Dean, 10th Grade Students; In-School Suspension [email protected]
Matt Narin Dean, 11th & 12th Students; Drills [email protected]
Vanessa Power Registrar [email protected]
Matt McCool Athletic Director [email protected]
Mike Oxborough Maintenance Coordinator [email protected]
Karen Cornelius Executive Secretary [email protected]
Tony Clark Youth Resource Deputy [email protected]

Front Office and Support Staff

Crystal Stone Bookkeeper [email protected]
Kathy Argitis Cafeteria Manager [email protected]
Ashley Raymond Athletic Trainer [email protected]
Kathy Peeters Front Office Receptionist [email protected]
Crystal Glass Attendance [email protected]
Holly Cioffi Dean’s Clerk [email protected]
Tosha Clay Registered Nurse [email protected]
Gina Hansen Athletic Secretary [email protected]
Kathy Bennick Copy/Supply Clerk [email protected]
Blake Carr Technology Support [email protected]
Jackie Cooler Computer Operator [email protected]
Matt Hladik Computer Operator [email protected]
Brian Bourke Parking Attendant [email protected]

The Academies of Nease High School & NJROTC

Bergman Arias Stellar Academy of Engineering [email protected]
Justin Cooler Communications Academy- TV Production [email protected]
Tara Cushman Academy of Hospitality and Tourism [email protected]
Gunny Hanson NJROTC 1 [email protected]
Morgan Hunter Stellar Academy of Engineering [email protected]
Scott LaRochelle NJROTC 4 [email protected]
Jacquelyn Soto Communications Academy- Digital Design [email protected]
Duane Spears NJROTC 2, 3 [email protected]
Geoff Stephens Communications Academy- Sports Media [email protected]


Craig Binns Language Arts [email protected]
Vandana Bakshi-Haller Language Arts [email protected]
Lucy Beddow Reading [email protected]
Holly Bourquin Language Arts, Film, Journalism (Newspaper) [email protected]
Katelin Bowker Language Arts, Link Crew [email protected]
Derek Coghlan Language Arts [email protected]
Leisha Cowart Language Arts, Journalism (Yearbook) [email protected]
Sarah Dominguez Language Arts [email protected]
Melissa Fraum Language Arts [email protected]
Cheryl Goodman Language Arts, Theory of Knowledge [email protected]
Diane Hurst Language Arts, Speech [email protected]
Nancy Johnson Language Arts [email protected]
Teresa Lewis Language Arts [email protected]
Amber Linskey Language Arts, Creative Writing [email protected]
Danielle MacClary Reading
[email protected]
Karen Ostrow Language Arts [email protected]
Julie Pantano Dual Enrollment, Theory of Knowledge [email protected]
Diane Pearson Language Arts, Speech [email protected]
Shannon Pickard Language Arts [email protected]
Amber Russell Language Arts, ESE [email protected]
Sandra Strauss Language Arts [email protected]
Barbara Toscana Language Arts [email protected]
Emily Szatzschneider Language Arts [email protected]

Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

Devin Bice ESE Teacher [email protected]
Melissa Davis ESE Teacher [email protected]
Tim Dennis Para Professional [email protected]
Mia Ilao ESE Teacher [email protected]
Stacy Masi ESE Teacher [email protected]
Heather Philpot ESE Teacher [email protected]
Amber Russell ESE Teacher [email protected]
Andrea Selkirk ESE Teacher [email protected]

Fine Arts

Anthony Cananzi Band [email protected]
Mikel Colakoglu Visual Art [email protected]
Evalinda Flowers Computer Education [email protected]
Madeline Poe Music, Chorus [email protected]
Brad Segal Theater [email protected]
Herrick Smith Visual Art [email protected]
Megan Welch Visual Art [email protected]

World Language

Carmen Adair Spanish [email protected]
Tracy Clauson Spanish [email protected]
Santiago Espinoza Spanish [email protected]
Sabrina Koenig American Sign Language
[email protected]
Hannah Randall Spanish [email protected]
Marta Senyszyn French [email protected]
Maria Shepherd Spanish [email protected]
Jessica Sundstrom Spanish [email protected]
Alonna Walsh American Sign Language [email protected]


Missy Kennedy All IB Students [email protected]
Cynthia Vartanian School Counselor, Last Names A-De [email protected]
D’Erica Gibbs School Counselor, Last Names Di-J; Dual Enrollment [email protected]
Athena Kifah School Counselor, Last names K-M [email protected]
Linda Smith School Counselor, Last Names N-Se [email protected]
Daphne Harden
School Counselor, Last names Sh-Z [email protected]
Jacqueline Ashcroft Testing Coordinator [email protected]
Maria Perricone Guidance Secretary [email protected]
Kim Hollis Guidance Clerk [email protected]
Natalie Kunkel Naviance [email protected]
Vicky Alvarez Gifted Itinerant Teacher [email protected]


Nicole Baran Math Teacher [email protected]
Adam Cassano Math and Science Teacher [email protected]
Katie Davis Math Teacher [email protected]
Janice Doe Math Teacher [email protected]
Melissa Fifield Math Teacher [email protected]
Michael Fitch Math Teacher [email protected]
Kelli Gebauer Math Teacher [email protected]
Max Gurowski Math Teacher [email protected]
Michael Hanson Math Teacher [email protected]
Terrell Jones Math and Science Teacher [email protected]
Megan Kleisler Math Teacher [email protected]
Candance Meddings Math Teacher [email protected]
Deborah Robbins Math Teacher, Math Coach [email protected]
Nancy Siple Math Teacher [email protected]
Kim Strickland Math Teacher [email protected]
Kelli Ward Math Teacher [email protected]
Elisa West Math Teacher [email protected]
Lindsay Woelfel Math Teacher [email protected]
Kathy Zimardo Math Teacher [email protected]

Media Center

Carolyn Milian Media Specialist [email protected]
Lorna Patterson Media Clerk [email protected]

Virtual Lab

Gail Polochak Virtual Assistant [email protected]

Physical Education

Ashton Barker Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Micah Canterbury Weight Training [email protected]
Tim Krause Weight Training (Football) [email protected]
John Lawrence Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Zachary McGee Physical Education Teacher [email protected]


Matt Augenstein Science Teacher [email protected]
Adam Cassano Science and Math Teacher [email protected]
Jennie Fagan Science Teacher [email protected]
Lea Hall Science Teacher [email protected]
Angela Hunter Science Teacher, Science Coach [email protected]
Meg Ishee Science Teacher [email protected]
Terrell Jones Science and Math Teacher [email protected]
Brandy Kilpatrick Science Teacher [email protected]
Peter Litsas Science Teacher [email protected]
Christina Milton Science Teacher [email protected]
Elizabeth Post Science Teacher [email protected]
Marsha Sanford Science Teacher [email protected]
Derya Singhsumalee Science Teacher [email protected]
Deb Tewey Science Teacher
[email protected]
Tina Willis Science Teacher [email protected]

Social Studies

Josh Bailen History Teacher [email protected]
Bob Brinkley History Teacher [email protected]
Amy Case Psychology Teacher [email protected]
Steve Condit History Teacher [email protected]
Ted DeVos Economics and History Teacher [email protected]
Chris Hensley Psychology and History Teacher [email protected]
Natalie Mayer History Teacher [email protected]
Audrey Mazzotta History Teacher [email protected]
Jerry Lanford History Teacher [email protected]
Jimmy Lee U.S. History, AP U.S. History [email protected]
Tim Krause History and Weight Training (Football) Teacher [email protected]
Melissa O’Steen History Teacher [email protected]
Kevin Sacerdote History Teacher [email protected]
Elizabeth Sikes History Teacher [email protected]
H.A. Smith History and Economics Teacher [email protected]
Wyatt Taylor History Teacher [email protected]
Greg Trzeciak History Teacher [email protected]
Joe Tusing History Teacher [email protected]