PERT: Post Secondary Education Readiness Test 

The purpose of PERT is to adequately assess your academic skills in math, reading and writing. Tests are computer-adaptive, which means the questions are chosen based on your answers to previous questions. You are not permitted to change your answer once you have moved on to the next question, or leave a question unanswered. Assessments are untimes, so you have as much time as needed to consider each question before submitting your answer. You are encouraged to use a process of elimination, if you do not know an answer, in order to eliminate choices and then select from those remaining. Calculators are not allowed, although some questions allow you to use the calculator icon.

Please read and complete the sample packet you recieved from Mrs. Ashcroft prior to testing. Below are some sample math tests you can use to practice, although by just using GOOGLE to check for PERT MATH TEST you can find many more that just those listed below:

Union Test Prep

Mometrix Media

PERT Practice Test


Test Prep: Tuesday November 27, 2018 in room PH230

Ms. Robbins will be reviewing PERT required skills during Excel A & B (12:30pm – 1:30pm). Please attend this help session prior to the test.

Next Test Date:

Wednesday November 28, 2019 in Room PH229 @ 9:15am.

Please stop by and see Mrs. Ashcroft in PH229 with questions.